Then and now: under the sink

My word of the year is balance. Confession: this is the first time I’ve chosen a word, and I’m feeling optimistic about it, but it’s January 1st so… time will tell.

In my opinion, part of balance is making time for work and play. I really enjoy home projects, organization, decluttering, and sharing those projects with others so, I’m back, and hoping to post content more regularly.

I’m going to keep my content brief because I’m a working mom with three kids (8,7, and 4), and because simple is always better. Awhile back I posted how I decluttered under our kitchen sink and organized our cleaning supplies. Today I am going to update you on what the space under the sink looks like now.

under the sink

Under our sink we keep only items specific to the kitchen, and (now) also our garbage bin. What’s all there? Just dishwasher pods, dishwasher rinse aid (which we don’t use so I am wondering why I keep it), some counter and sink tools, extra sponges, extra dish soap, butcher block oils/cream, oven cleaner, hand lotion (it’s dry in the Midwest during the winter), and garbage bags. We also keep a container of clorox wipes for quick clean-up of messes, and we keep our watering can next to the garbage bin.

If I was the type to give advice (confession: I am), I would tell other busy moms to ALWAYS declutter and purge before organizing. There’s no sense in keeping and organizing stuff you don’t use. Bye dishwasher rinse aid!  I would also recommend going vertical with your storage. There are so many stacking options available, and they can be customized to your needs. Last, but not least, take measurements of your space before buying any organizing products because there’s nothing worse than buying a bunch of stuff that doesn’t work for the space you have.

Happy New Year! Thanks for stopping by my humble space on the web!